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Review of The Literature: How is The Intervention Model for Early Detection of Pregnancy Complications Through Empowerment of Pregnant Women

Nationally, various efforts have been made to reduce the Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) due to maternal mortality causing a chain impact on welfare, quality of life, as well as family and community health. Efforts are being made, among others, by improving the quality of services, improving the handling of complications and referral cases, empowering women, and empowering families which are part of increasing community participation. Several kinds of literature have found that efforts to empower women have a positive impact on the achievement of maternal and child health programs.The purpose of this literature review is to identify and describe an evidence based on the latest knowledge of how intervention models in empowering pregnant women carry out early detection of pregnancy complications as an effort to prevent complications during pregnancy that will have an impact on the delivery and postpartum period. The literature in this study is mostly sourced from online journals which are accessed from scientific article sites that have open access such as Google Scholar, PubMed, and ProQuest. To maintain the newness and relevance of the data obtained, the articles used are limited to those published in the last ten years, the keywords used are"pregnancy empowerment model", "antenatal care", "childbirth", "family support", and "pregnancy".,28 articles were obtained, and 8 articles were reviewed. Literature reviewshows evidence that various models of women's empowerment that look at various aspects of psychology, knowledge, attitudes and behavior can affect women's health status. In several articles, it was found that the empowerment domain was formulated from modeling analysis calculations which were then intervened to improve maternal health so that the purpose of this literature review tried to study how to make early detection of complications during pregnancy with an intervention model for pregnant women empowerment. Keywords – Pregnancy Empowerment Model, Antenatal Care, Childbirth, Family Support and Pregnancy, Risk Factors and Complications.