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A Literature Review of the Tele Health‘s Effect on Hospital Marketing

Telehealth emerged as a popular medium to connect consumers with health care providers to meet public health needs amid the current pandemic where many people are afraid to go to the hospital. The purpose of this literature review is to identify and describe the latest evidence-based information and knowledge regarding the effect of using telehealth applications on hospital marketing. This was a narrative review using sources from Elsevier database. The key terms such as telehealth ((telemedicine OR virtual heath) AND marketing (promotion OR economic) were used. From 100 studies identified in the search stage, 17 studies are eligible for inclusion in this review. The included studies demonstrate the potential of telehealth as a new solution for hospital marketing in this pandemic era. Telehealth can improve the efficiency and accessibility of health services, protect medical staff, and reduce the risk of infection between patients. The use of telehealth felt by patients in various parts, such as the Department of Surgery, Respiration, Cardiology, Psychiatry, control of drug use, etc. showed satisfactory results. Telehealth as a health business model can accelerate the accessibility of health services and improve the quality of health services for citizens of a country. So, telehealth may have effect on hospital marketing, although studies showing the causality are limited. Further studies observing the effect of the use of the telehealth on hospital marketing is necessary. Keywords - Telehealth, Application, Hospital, Marketing, Effect