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Urban Development Management Towards Improved City Prosperity (The Case Study Of Egypt)

For decades, Egyptian cities� ability to cope with the growing needs of urbanization and globalization has largely declined. With the additional instability resulting from the 25th January,2011 and 30th of June 2013 revolutions, further socio-economic and infrastructure deterioration lead to an existing urban status that sets new challenges for the Egyptian government to address. With the expected increase of urban population of about 1.5 the current figure by 2025, the Egyptian government will need to revise its urban sector polices and development process to provide adequate housing, services, job opportunities and infrastructure in addition to improving the quality of life for the existing and excess populations. It is however questionable whether the existing urban development management system could lead to achieving the aspired visions for development and sustainability or a revision for the whole process needs to be addressed. This research aims at providing a result-based analysis for the urban development management in Egypt aiming for improved city prosperity within the natural development policy settings. This will be performed through assessing the ability of existing institutional, financing and regulatory frameworks governing the urban sector to plan for achievable prosperous development objectives. The general matrix -the Wheel of Urban Prosperity- with its main elements of Productivity, Infrastructure development, Quality of Life, Equity and Social inclusion, Environmental Sustainability and Governance and Legislation will be used in analysis and suggestions of areas for policy intervention and contribution for planning and management urban development system in Egypt. After analyzing the Egyptian context and situation, a transparent and inclusive definition of baseline situations is recommended as an initiating strategy. It is then important to define progress indicators and ensure provision of adequate budgets for monitoring, evaluation and redirecting development policies. Additionally, having clear institutionalized urban management roles and responsibilities shall trigger the development towards achieving real on the ground changes and impacts on the lives of the inhabitants.) Keywords� Urban management � Urban Development- City prosperity - Result Based management � development policies.