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Consumer Buying Behaviour towards E-Pharmacy in Pakistan

The aim of this research was to identify the consumer buying behaviour towards e-pharmacy in Pakistan. Furthermore, this article has further made the following objective in order to identify the impact of the consumer behaviour of purchasing towards the e-pharmacy. To explore the changed perception of the customers toward e-pharmacy, to identify the factors which have influenced the consumer purchasing behaviour toward e-pharmacy in Pakistan. In addition to this, the other research objective of this research was to discover the impact of digital marketing on the traditional selling process of medicine in Pakistan. In this research the methodology of this research was primarily quantitative where through the numerical data the researcher has explored the research issue. The sample size of this research was 120 and through the SPSS the correlation as well as the regression analysis has been tested. The findings of this research have indicated that in the case of e-shopping some of the factors are playing a credible role in attracting the customers in Pakistan which includes home delivery, price as well as choice. In addition to this, the Pakistan e-pharmacy is recommended to work in order to make the online process more effective and to gain the rush as well. Keywords: E-pharmacy, E-health, Consumer buying Behaviour, Factors of Consumer buying Behaviour, E-pharmacy in Pakistan.