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Determinants of Employee Commitment in the Implementation of Safety Measures in South African Public Health Institutions

Safety and health in the workplace has become an integral component of business viability for employers, employees, labour unions, governments and environmentalists, in general. Moreover, a safe environment can optimise positive factors that effectively influence employee commitment in the workplace. The purpose of this study was to ascertain which determining factors promote the nurse commitment to the implementation of safety measures established for the public health institutions. Self-administered questionnaires were utilised to gather data from a total of 1400 nurses from public healthcare institutions. The empirical results revealed the existence of a relationship between role considerations (as measured by role conflict and role ambiguity), health environment, an enabling work environment and employee commitment to the implementation of safety measures in healthcare institutions. This indicates that these determinants create a favourable work environment that enables employees to function adequately. This study further enlightens management on how to encourage greater levels of participation in safety-enhancing initiatives in healthcare institutions, by providing nurses with clear guidelines on the adoption of safety measures in the work environment. Keywords - Employee Commitment, Health Environment, Safety Measures, Public Health Institutions, Work Environment.