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A Phenomenon-based Learning Enquiry: University Students’ Self-Leadership Actions on the Social Impact of Covid-19

Notwithstanding the growing body of literature showing the influence of COVID-19 on education, the social impact of the pandemic on the academic lives of students in higher education institutions (HEIs) remains contentious. Since the implementation social isolation to mitigate the pandemic internationally, COVID-19 has required creative responses from students in HEIs to advance academically. Through Phenomenon-based Learning (PhenoBL) inquiry and applying a narrative methodology, this paper aims to understand Bachelor of Education Honors (BEd (Hons) students’ self-leadership actions as responses to the social impact of COVID-19 on their academic lives. To analyze students’ responses, the following question guided our research: How can students in higher education institutions apply self-leadership through an application of phenomenon-based activities to address the social complexities of the COVID-19 pandemic and its influence on their academic lives? Students provided their insights and understanding of the phenomenon whilst exploring self-leadership actions for change toward transformative practices in their learning spaces. The findings revealed that, through engaging in PhenoBL activities, students were able to employ adaptive practices and inquiry-based activities to enhance self-leadership abilities through self-influence and self-trust. Recommendations include that HEIs should consider PhenoBL activities for self-leadership as transformative practices of social justice to address the social complexities of the COVID-19 pandemic and its influence on students’ academic lives. Keywords - Academic Lives; Covid-19; Higher Education Institutions; Phenomenon-Based Learning; Self-Leadership