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Improving Academic Writing of Students in the UOT Sector

The world as we once knew it no longer exists. Post Covid-19 lecturers are revisiting curricula to adapt and continue using the multi-modal approach to teaching and learning that was implemented during harsh lockdown periods during the peak of the pandemic. During the pandemic many first-time entering students used online teaching and learning platforms. Recently students have returned to campuses for face-to-face tuition. This paper seeks to explore how lecturers feel about the level of student writing and provide practical solutions to improve the writing skills of students post covid. A qualitative approach for collecting data was utilised using semi-structured interviews. The findings reveal that first-time entering students have difficulty expressing themselves through writing and have not mastered academic writing. The overarching recommendation is that the academic writing as a module should be recurriculated and that a practical hands-on approach using technology is used to improve the academic writing of first-time entering students. Keywords - Academic Writing, Multi-modal, Technology