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Pesticidal Effects of Laboratotry Produced Bacterial (Bacillus Thrungiensis) Bioinsectide on Mosquito Larva, Adult Mosquitoes and Bean Weevil

There is an upsurge in the strategies and techniques for the control of medical insects and crop pests in the last decade. There is an increase in shift from the main control strategy which has been largely chemical based due to reported chemical toxicity, ecological and environmental effects, and development of resistance by the insect pests among others. In effort to eradicate malaria, zika and dengue fever, the target is not limited to the parasites or viruses due to the increasing resistance by parasites and costly nature of antiviral vaccines, there is an effort to include vector control. Biological vector control strategies-largely considered natural control mechanism- are gaining ground in recent years as they are thought to be more environmentally friendly and less toxic and cannot be easily resisted by disease vectors. Biological insecticides currently in the market, or undergoing trials include, bacterial, fungal, viral, parasites, larvivorous fish, nematodes and phyto-pesticides. The bacterium, Bacillus thrungiensis is non to have excellent efficacy against mosquito larva and adult mosquitoes and is not a human pathogen. Biotechnology ensures a genetically modified strains that offer the potential of low resistance and high potency mosquitocidal proteins. However, all these are too costly for low-income countries and the people mostly affected by the burden of malaria. This study tries to isolate Bacillus thrungiensis from local soils and attempt laboratory scale production of Bt bioinsecticide through shake flask and laboratory fermentation. The resultant bioinsecticide is tested on mosquito larva, adult mosquitoes and a post-harvest pest, been weevil. The insecticide showed remarkable performance in all three cases. It is recommended that further trial and a suitable insecticide carrier for delivery would achieve a better result. Keywords - Bacterial Bioinsecticide, Bacillus Thrungiensis, Malaria Vector Control, Post-Harvest Pest, Been Weevil, Laboratory Fermentation