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Technostress, User Satisfaction And Is Continuance Intention

Efficiency and better quality are often the focus when organizations implement new information and communication technologies. It has become imperative for individuals to engage constantly with these technologies to get work accomplished. While widespread use of ITCs gives important contributes to all form of industries, there is also another side of the medal, physical health problems caused by long sedentary workdays, burnout, and stress. We draw from IS success and stress research to build and test a model of technostress related to satisfaction with ICTs and IS continuance intention. Field data from 323 working professionals was obtained and analyzed. The results indicate that work overload and invasion of privacy are two stressors that influence the feeling of satisfaction with the ICTs. We also found that some technological characteristics such as complexity and phase of changes appeared to be predictors of stressors. The results open up new avenues for research by highlighting the concept of technostress, and how technostress affects satisfaction and IS continuous intention. Keywords: Technostress, IS use, ICTís, Stress, Stressors, User satisfaction, IS continuance intention.