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The Impact of Religions on Individuals’ Environmental Concerns and Economic Growth

Environmental issues have emerged as important social problems in recent years. There are many interdisciplinary studies that have examined the social and economic issues associated with the change in the climate over the years. Countries and organizations have implemented many plans and initiatives to reduce the risk of environmental problems. However, no plans or initiative would work with the participation of individuals around the world. Many factors can affect individuals’ values toward environmental issues. One important factor is religion; religions have millions of followers around the world. They can affect individuals’ opinions and values about many different aspects. However, religions are different in their origins; they have different views on nature, life, and death, and that can make it harder to understand their exact impact on people’s specific values. Moreover, the views of the same religion might differ from one country to another, and that can be because of the cultural differences, the importance of the religion for the people in that country, education attainment, or the political and social status