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Health Equity and Sustainable Development Goals in Turkey

The two biggest global problems are in equality and climate change in the World. Countries should try to reduce avoid able health in equalities promoting health equity as a part of their common agenda. The barrierto health equity are the social determinants of health equity. Such as economicfactors, environmentalconditions, education, food, socialfactors, thesystem of health care. Hence, health equity is more than justice in terms of access, and the corevalue of this equity is derived from human rights principle. As such, equity is a process, and equality is an out come of it, and it will be achieved by treating everyone equitably or justly according to their circumstances. This paper explains the relationship between Health Equity and Sustainable Development Goalsin Turkey. The paper describes the scope of health care sustainability, identifies gaps, and introduces Sustainable health care emissions research frame work for Turkey. The paper will give a brief information on where Turkey is and where is should be by year 2023 regarding healthe quity sustainable development goal. In this regard, it provides the set of strategies that progress towards a component of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) to reduce in equality in health care within countries. Keywords - Sustainability Development, Health Care Equality, Turkey, Sustainable Development Goals.