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Mechanical Properties of Soft Clay Treated With Nano-Modified Cementat Different Temperatures

Effective enhancement of weak soils such as soft clay by imparting extra strength by adopting various stabilization techniques is essential to improve the soil behavior (i.e., shear strength, compressive strength). This can significantly affect the construction of roads, pavements, and heavy-duty projects. The applications of nanotechnology in geotechnical engineering have proven great potential. The thing that attributed to the more substantial and stiffer soil skeleton when incorporating nanomaterials into the matrix, especially when blended with cementitious materials. This research aims to enhance soft clay mechanical properties at reference/room temperature (22±2°C)and low temperature (+5°C) to extend the construction season in cold regions. Accordingly, treating soft clay with GU cement with/without nano-silica on its mechanical properties (California bearing ratio (CBR) and the 7 and 28-days compressive strength) was investigated under both room and cold temperatures. In comparison to the untreated soil, adding cementitious binders significantly enhanced the mechanical properties of the soil. The incorporation of nano-silica boosted the mechanical performance compared to single binder mixtures (cement only). Keywords - Soil Stabilization; Nano-silica; GU Cement, Compressive Strength, California Bearing Ratio, Cold Weather.