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The Impact of Viral Marketing on Customers' Purchase Decisions of Bittersweet By Najla

The constantly developing technology has significantly contributed to how marketing is working in the current business industry. We are currently witnessing the modernization of the marketing strategy where viral marketing enables brand awareness increase in an extremely short amount of time. Qualifying with the current technology, companies, and brands are adapting to constantly growing marketing strategies. Viral marketing can be defined as a marketing strategy where a brand relies on customers to share pieces of information regarding the brand. Viral marketing is known as one of the most effective marketing strategies that exists in terms of building brand awareness and gaining customers' attention. Bittersweet by Najla is a prominent F&B brand that focuses on dessert and sweet products; originating in Indonesia, Bittersweet by Najla is known for its intelligent and creative marketing techniques that constantly succeed in gaining customers' attention. Bittersweet by Najla is extremely popular among Gen Z in Indonesia because it's able to keep up with the current trends and stay relevant despite any conditions. The brand utilizes three social media platforms (Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube) alongside word-of-mouth as its marketing tools. Following the current marketing trends, the author is developing research with the main focus on discovering the relationship between viral marketing and customers' purchase decisions. The main objective of this paper is to present how viral marketing is affecting the customers' purchase decisions of Bittersweet by Najla. The research was conducted via an online survey with 100 people who were aware of the brand, Bittersweet by Najla, as the sample. It resulted in a positive relationship between the two variables. The findings of the research titled "The Impact of Viral Marketing on Customers' Purchase Decision of Bittersweet by Najla." show how viral marketing has a positive and direct impact on customers' purchase decisions of the brand, Bittersweet by Najla. Keywords - Viral Marketing, Social Media, Advertisements, Purchase Decision.