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Analogue Tachyon Condensations using Josephson Transmission Lines

Tachyon condensation is a process in particle physics in which a system can lower its energy by spontaneously producing particles, leading to "condensation" of particles that fill the volume of the system. Thus, tachyon condensation may explain the formation of matter during the evolution of the early universe. To test this hypothesis, it is more effective to mimic the cosmogenesis in a laboratory system than to find traces of it in the actual universe. Here we propose a simple method to realize analogue tachyon condensation using Josephson transmission lines with asymmetric superconducting quantum interference elements (SNAILs).This system can mimic the tachyonic vacuum by externally controlling the junction parameters that determine the SNAIL interference. Thus, the condensation process, which is a transition from the tachyon vacuum, can be studied.