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Can Smart Cities Respond to Community and Tourists Needs? Four Studies of Business Models in Portugal

Smart city infrastructures tend to support the creation of smart tourism destinations, which benefits the community and tourists by means ofcutting edges technologies that enhance tourism destination competitiveness.Our research question is “will the open data movement and participatory service design in Portugal´s smart cities and smart tourism projects encourage civic engagement and support citizens basic needs and wellbeing in critical moments such as the ongoing pandemics and the current international armed conflict?”The analysis focuses on the value of business models and typifies the Open Innovation Programme – Smart Open Lisbon (SOL), the PlanIT Valley in Porto, the InovCity in Évora and the City Lab in Águeda. The adopted methodology consists of a composite of bibliometric analysis, desk based case studies and interviews. The main results indicate that some business models adopted in Portugal chiefly the Jigsaw Model that typifies the Smart Open Lisboa (SOL) is well suited to address citizen’s needs in critical conjectures that may affect even more the cities in future. Some limitations are appointed and future research designs are recommended. Keywords - Smart Cities, Business Models, Community, Tourism, Portugal, Crisis.