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“Role of Children as a Brand Representative in Word to Mouth Marketing in Modern Era”

In the early years of the 21stcentury, there is growing influence of consumer societies on children concerned parents, educators and government officials. Advertising and marketing expenses for children have increased in India. In new modern world the role of children in the market, as well as branding has accepted enhanced consideration in innovative arrangements of business world and the continuation of superior business-related capacities in the life of children and organize an encouraged greater focus on the role of children as brand ambassador. It is supposed by the researcher that children have enormous capabilities to alterthe business strategies and procure performance of the family so they are appropriate brand ambassador to increase word to mouth advertisement in modern era. This study will be beneficial to a large spectrum of stake holders in understanding the purchase behaviour of children and teenagers as brand ambassador. Keywords - Pester power, Decision-making, Peer to peer marketing, Brand ambassador, Powerful influencers, Innovation.