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Perfect Indoor Map Service: 3d Map, Beacons, Ips, Marketing And Next Business

Position awareness in unknown and large indoor map represents a great advantage for people, everyday pedestrians have to search for specific places, products and services. In this work a positioning solution able to localize the user based on data measured with a mobile device is described and evaluated. The position estimate uses data from smartphone built-in sensors, WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) adapter and map information of theindoor environment. This study is 3D indoor map service platform. And we will make to management for Start-up Company at San Jose (US). This work verifies that the use of smartphone hardware components, map data and its semantic information represented in the form of a OpenStreetMap structure provide 2.48 meters average error after 1,700 travelled meters and a scalable indoor positioning solution. The mapping approach allowing the inclusion of new indoor environments knowledge show a promising approach for an extensible indoor map service launching ‘@carta’. Keywords: 3D Map, Beacon, IPS, LBS Marketing, New Business, @carta.