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Representations of Gender and Women in Pakistan’s Television Advertising: Issues of Social Justice

During the last decades, interest has emerged in analyzing the representations of gender in advertising that are introduced on television. These studies have shown that marketers and advertisers define gender roles they subsequently project as representations in various content. Similarly, these representations that are broadcast on television are reproduced on social networks. This means that in marketing and advertising, gender representations are displayed that may or may not be ethical. An ethical representation of a group or a phenomenon occurs when it does not reinforce stereotypes, discrimination, or injustice. For example, with women, the representations have shown them as passive and submissive subjects, but, in recent times, there are more representations of empowered women with strong leadership. This paper aims to analyze the representations of gender and women in Pakistani television to discuss social justice issues in advertising and marketing. With this, it is expected to contribute to the studies on these two disciplines regarding gender justice and ethical communication. Keywords - Area-Efficient, Low power, CSLA, Binary to Excess One Converter, Multiplexer.