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On the Use of Technology in the Field of Medicine: Education, Ethics, and Medical Dilemma

At present, the biggest challenge in healthcare systems around the world is the ethical dilemma between technology use and the ethical principles thatcan be easily identified by allocating resources and setting priorities. The rights and obligations of healthcare workers to carry out their duties in compliance with given recommendations, together withgaining the patients’ trust play a decisive role in public actions. This study includes information from the universal literature on ethical/moral and psychological issues, a priority scientific direction for many specialties (medicine, sociology, psychology, etc.), and medical society representatives. It examines the evolution of ethical principles at various stages of development,it emphasizes the importance/value of morality and deontological aspects in medical worker activity, the nurse-patient relationship and nurse-patient’s relatives relationship in the context of secular traditions and contemporary legislative regulations. It addresses some authors' positions on legislation and ethical laws, as well as the behaviour of medical workers and nurses in certain complicated professional situations, including euthanasia and medical pathology. Medical ethics has an applicative character that manifests itself in the development and recommendation of scientific solutions for the optimal resolution of moral issues. Ethical morality is a type of social consciousness that reflects and establishes principles, norms, rules, and behavioural requirements regarding the patient-nurse relationship and the nurse-community relationship (society, family). The nurse’s moral and ethical standards are not enforced by law, but they do constitute conduct requirements. The medical act is performedby observing some deontological parameters, the most important of which are professional competence, conscientiousness toward the medical act, and professional prudence. The advancement of modern medicine permanently gives rise tomultiple questions, which must be repeatedly addressedin discussions on medical ethics. Keywords - Ethical Principles, Ethical Education, Technology, Medical Dilemma, Solving Dilemmas.