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Undulate Cladding Photonic Crystal Fiber For Ultraflattened Dispersion Compensation Over E+S+C+L+U Communication Bands

This paper introduces a unique hybrid cladding photonic crystal fibre (PCF) design using only circular air-holes in an undulate lattice with hexagonal core structure. Such PCF has broadband dispersion compensation from 1340 nm to 1670 nm i.e. 330 nm wavelength. A numerical simulation shows a negative dispersion coefficient of ‒75 ps/( with an absolute dispersion variation of 5 ps/( over E+S+C+L+U communication bands. Also a matched relative dispersion slope (RDS) has been found that is approximately 0.0036 nm-1 at the operating wavelength of 1550 nm. This undulate cladding PCF can be considered as a good candidate for dispersion compensating applications in WDM system. Keywords- Photonic crystal fiber; Dispersion compensating fiber; Undulate design; Ultraflattened dispersion compensation.