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The Mediating Effect of Satisfaction on the Influence of Relationship Marketing to Loyalty of Doctors and Nurses Purchasing on Medical Devices from Dealers in Thailand

The purposes of this research were to study the importance of relationship marketing, satisfaction, and loyalty, to Study the effect of relationship marketing factors and satisfaction towered loyalty, and the mediating effect off satisfaction on the Influence of relationships to marketing the loyalty of doctors and nurses purchasing on medical devices from dealers in Thailand. It is quantitative research. The sample group consisted of 373 doctors and nurses at public and private hospitals. The instrument was a questionnaire. The data were analyzed by descriptive statistics for frequency, percentage, standard deviation, and inferential statistics using structural equations, the ADANCO program. The results showed that all factors were of high importance. In descending order were relationship marketing, satisfaction, and loyalty. The results showed that the relationship marketing factor had the most direct influence on satisfaction, followed by marketing relational had a direct influence on loyalty and, lastly, satisfaction had a direct influence on loyalty. Satisfaction as the intermediary factor transferring the influence of relationship marketing to loyalty was statistically significant the results of this research are beneficial to promote service business and play an important role in economic system development and health business for the stakeholders to use for further study and further research. Keywords - Relationship Marketing, Satisfaction, Loyalty, Medical Devices from Dealers, The Mediating