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Intelligent Human-Machine Interface Framework

The paper presents a new concept of a framework for creating human-machine interfaces (iHMIfr). It is based on the mutual interaction of the trinity "human-machine-context".The proposed architecture utilizes a multimodal approach for the sensing functionality to collect information for the current state of both the user and context. Model of the user and respectively of the context, based on the constant monitoring and profiling strategies, along with internal information for the current state and functionality of the machine provided by the application manager, serve as sources of knowledge for decision making. Adaptive behavior is shaped based on information fusion and real-time assessment of the situation and applied in three directions – the interaction with the user (corresponding to his/her current state), the properties and dynamics of the task, and the changing properties of the context. Keywords - Human-Machine Interface, Human-Machine Interaction, Intelligent System, Adaptive System, Framework, Architecture