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Women's Negotiation Powerin The Logistics Industry A Study Of Thai Generation Y

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus according to John Grays 1993 book with the same title. The question this research tries to answer are there different negation styles when it comes to Thai men and women, especially the business negotiation styles of Generation-Y Thai business women in logistics. Logistics spans the entire supply chain from forecasting demand to vendor selection to transportation and warehousing to final distribution and even reverses logistics. Business deals are negotiated with internal and external customers and various types of stakeholders. particular paper deals with the negotiation styles of young Thai business students who study at international colleges. It illustrates the differences based on personality when it comes to negotiation preferences in different types of settings. The desired outcomes certainly play an important role in the negotiation strategy. Every negotiator has two kinds of interests, one in the outcome and the other in the relationship. This research deals with the self-perceptions of negotiation styles of the participants and utilizes a instrument developed by the principal investigator (PI) that was disseminated electronically. Culture-based negotiation styles are import when conducting international business and also in-between ASEAN member countries. Index Terms- conflict management, negotiation models, negotiation styles