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A Study On Thai Employees’ Job Satisfaction With Regards To Japanese Companies Based In Thailand

Current economic advances in ASEAN countries have made them an attractive investment destination for Japanese corporations. Among these countries, a number of Japanese companies have increased their presence in Thailand which accounts for 32% of overseas operations in ASEAN countries. However, due to the rather high turnover rate of employees changing jobs, especially college graduates after they are hired in Japanese companies, the managerial acts for these Thai employees has become an urgent problem. Previous researches have already highlighted that job satisfaction mainly affects the high turnover rate.In this study, a sheet questionnaire survey containing questions related to job satisfaction for Thai employees in Japanese companies has been applied, in which a statistic methodology of the t-Test was implemented. The factors of job satisfaction were induced to form a comparison between the Thai employees who were satisfied within their job, and those who were dissatisfied. The results uncovered some important factors from those who were satisfied with their jobs, where; (1) they were given a chance to participate in the decision making process at their working place so that they could become more conscientiousness to associate managerial parts, (2) they were given an objective personal evaluation and had an opportunity to know (or already knew) their evaluated results for their individual contribution to their corporations performance, and had received praise in front of the other employees, (3) they were able to choose a welfare program and career plan by themselves, (4) they could actively communicate with each other in their working place, and (5) they had a clear understanding of the job and human resource development adopted by the company. Index terms- Japanese companies, Job satisfaction, Thai employee, Thailand,