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Analysis of Self-Expanded and Balloon-Expanded Coronary Stents using Finite Element Method

As a result of the buildup of cholesterol and the thickening of the inner wall of the artery, atherosclerosis narrows or occludes the lumen of the artery. The stent is a small medical device that is implanted within stenotic arteries in order to restore blood flow. It is important to note that two different procedures are used to deploy the stents inside the arteries: balloon expansion and self-expansion. This study aims to investigate the deformation of an artery with a plaque as the stent expands. To do so, a finite element analysis is carried out using the Ansys software. It has been found that Nitinol material exhibits a high degree of flexibility with low stresses on the stents. Keywords - Atherosclerosis, coronary stents, shape memory alloy, FEM.