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The Omnichannel Experience in the Retail Industry

Internet as a disruptive technology has changed so many industries, including the retail industry (Grewal et al., 2017). New Internet-based retailer models have emerged, such as the multichannel and omnichannel business models. Retailers continue to add additional IT-based channels to their offline channels. These new models come with new research challenges, especially from a marketing perspective. This paper synthesizes research outcomes from a series of high quality publications in the omnichannel experience and its impact on customer behavior and attitude (e.g., Tyrväinen and Heikki, 2018; Pagani et al., 2019; Shi et al., 2020; Goraya et al., 2020). We also discuss studies that focused on understanding customer behavior during the pre-purchase and purchase phases of the customer journey(e.g., Hallikainen et al., 2019; Wagner et al., 2020). Finally, we present some research that has focused on understanding customer behavior along all the phases in the omnichannel environments (e.g., Barwitz and Maas, 2018; Tyrväinen and Heike, 2018)