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Comparative Analysis of the Range of Language Schools

The intention of this article is to map the range of language schools in the Czech Republic based on "preliminary research", to identify the range of courses offered within language education and to reveal possible trends in the development of language school products and services. The method and data processing are based on exploratory research. Four statistical hypotheses were established, which verified the tendencies of language schools in creating products and services.The data set consists of a total of 80 czech language schools out of a total of 600.Data were summarized and checked for outliers and missing values. Since this is a binary dataset, no indications of normal distribution were found on the data and therefore mainly non-parametric statistical methods were used to test the hypotheses. The main dependency analysis was then proceeded withKendal tau correlation and z-test for proportions statistical tests were used to answer the research questions. R statistical software version 3.6.1 was used for all statistical calculations.Based on statistical analysis, we found that (1) Market size affects the breadth of language school offerings and their differentiation; (2)Courses for corporate clients has an impact on course customization. Keywords - Language Schools, Innovation, Comparative Analysis, Language Education, Trends JEL Classification - L10, M21