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The Research On The Disturbution Of Pressure On The Soles Of Elite Middle Distance Runners (800-1500 m)

The aim of this research is to analyze the impact of long-term trainings of middle distance runners in athletics to the distribution of pressure on the soles by comparing the peak pressure which belongs to the areas of the soles of healthy individuals, average maximal pressure, and pressure-time integral pedobarographic parameters; with elite male middle distance runners.18 elite middle distance runners (age average; 20,25�3,6) who have no feet complaint and who have taken part in Turkish National Championships of Athletics; and as the control group, 25 voluntary males (age average; 26.10�2.40) have participated in this research. The sole pressure measurement of the volunteers was made by using EMED-SF (Novel H, Munich, Germany) plantar pressure analysis system (pedobarographic analysis).According to the measurement of elite middle distance runners� and control group�s 11 measuring range in both right and left foot, and with regard to the comparisons among peak pressure, average maximal pressure, and pressure-time integral; the variation between the averages of right and left foot 2. Metatarsus was found statistically meaningful (P<0.01-0.05).As a result it is ascertained that, trainings cause variances in the parameters of peak pressure, average maximal pressure, and pressure-time integral; which belong to the areas on the soles of elite middle distance runners. It is important to say that characteristic running types - which have been seen as a result of life-long trainings - affect the sole pressure distributions; ergonomic design, which is used in the production of middle distance running shoes, is made according to this particular branch; yet the differences between the toes of take-off foot (generally left) and the tossing foot (generally right) in pressure distribution especially in the production of shoes for middle distance runners must be considered. Keywords- Athletics, Middle Distance Runners, Sole, Pressure, Metatarsus