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Hydrodynamics Buoy Simulation for Wave Energy Converter with Computational Fluid Dynamic

As a renewable energy, Wave Energy Converter (WEC) is a good choice for a country where the ocean area is bigger than the land area. WEC can be optimized in areas that have the potential for high sea waves. Choosing a system and design for WEC depends on sea waves condition and location. Previous studies and research about WEC have many systems and designs. This condition is significant potential, especially in the Indonesia sea, where the sea area is bigger than the land area. In this study, using the system WEC with buoy in Indonesia sea waves condition has a good idea. With a 3 Degree Of Freedom(DOF), utilize the flow from sea waves at Indonesia sea. This study aims to know the hydrodynamic buoy diffraction and hydrodynamic response. Design for buoy adopts with cylindrical design with hydrofoil NACA 0015 at the bottom. CFD Software simulation is willing to know the test for diffraction and response from the buoy. Results from this study are perhaps for the development of future research about WEC in Indonesia. Keywords - Computational Fluid Dynamic, Hydrodynamic, Simulation, Wave Energy Converter