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An Investigation On Flux Density Of Three Phase Distrubuted Air-Gap 3-5 Legged Shunt Reactor

Nowadays, transmission and distribution lines provide to transport energy from production area to usage area. However, the reactive power balance on the long transmission lines do not provide, the quality of the power transmission and the efficiency of power line is low. To achieve this situation, reactive power compensation is needed and we provide that to use shunt reactors. The design state of shunt reactor is important to achieve this mission. Itís important to define the parameters of shunt reactor such as yoke heights and air-gap length to set inductance value of reactor. In this study, the important parameters of reactor is calculated and use this parameters to design a reactor. Modeled reactor isanalyzed with Finite Element Method (FEM). Shunt reactor coreís air-gap is distributed for examine the effect of fringing by leakage flux lines and inductance values. Shunt reactorís main values which are used by Turkish Electricity Transmission Company (TEIAS) is selected. 3 and 5-legged core design reactors simulation results are discussed considering the TEIAS specifications. Index Terms- Shunt reactor, core design, distributed gapped-core,fringing effect