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Language and New-Media

In this evolving age of information and technology, new methods of understanding the world and enjoying life have been established. Print media, dissemination and communication play an important role in the transformation of traditional values. Newspapers, books, magzines, radio, television, movies, computers, the Internet and other means of communication are proving to be capable of changing the world. The word ‘media’ in itself has a very wide meaning. The media is the link that takes the people of the society out of its sphere and connects them with the language, political, historical, religious, literary and cultural activities of the country and the world. Human language is a medium of communication just as media is a medium of communication. The print media assumes existence with the written form of the language, while radio and land lines absorb linguistic quotations. Language plays the most important role in writing news for radio. The language is chosen according to the type of listeners i.e if the news is being broadcast from a regional radio station then the main language of that region is the language of the news but if the listeners are all over the country then the national language is used for them. Modern technological advances have expanded the range of languages in collaboration with the media. The media is not limited to the language of newspapers but the increasing use of the Internet by various TV channels, the new style of radio broadcasting has given a new look to languages. Due to the media, the vocabulary of language speakers has undergone major changes. Under the influence of media, the number of new vocabulary of different languages has increased considerably. The nature of the media has become multifaceted. Combination of words, sound and image has made the media "interactive". New means of communication have made the whole world a global village. Technology such as online radio, television, internet, web site, GPRS, digital computer, mobile phone, SMS etc. is now in our hands which we never even dreamed of. While this new technology has made a huge difference in our standard of living, it has also changed the level of language and vocabulary. Due to social media, people sitting at home and abroad are getting in touch. Now every language has a web site which provides learning platform as well as information about the culture, religion, literature, history of the country. Electronic media has opened up the whole world to every language. Keywords - Media, Language, Internet, Social Media, Print Media, Online Radio, Television, GPRS, Digital Computer, Mobile Phone, Newspapers, SMS and Magazine