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An Assessment of Implementing the Governance Principles on Economic Growth in Oman

This paper aims to assess Oman's position in implementing the principles of governance and to estimate the impact of governance indicators on economic growth in the Sultanate of Oman. Comparative descriptive analytical method and the multiple regression model was preformed to reach the main goals. The main finding show that there is a gap between Oman and GCC with regard to the rule of law; Corruption control and government efficiency. Despite the availability of various agencies, Voice and Accountability index remained in the negative range, (-1.45 - 1.02), which had negative effects on economic growth Oman. In addition, the results indicate a clear weakness in rule of law indicator. However, there is a positive relation between Regulatory Quality and economic growth, which indicates that the government's efforts regarding this indicator have begun to be useful. . Finally, this paper suggests that participation of non-governmental bodies in the decision-making process must be increased and developing the concept of monitoring and promoting ethics culture in the workplace is important for increasing GDP growth. Finally, training for administrative and political leaders to increase their knowledge of governance principles and standards is an essential tool in bridging the gap between the Sultanates and neighboring countries in this area. Keywords - Governance Indicators, Economic Growth, GCC, The Sultanate of Oman