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An Intelligent Online Tool: Bilgebot

In order to have an effective learning environment, Internet has been used as a medium to deliver instruction and instructional materials for years. Several methods and materials were developed and researchers studied their effectiveness. However there is still need for an appealing and effective tool that can be used in this medium. In the current study, it was aimed to design and develop an intelligent learning system to offer an adaptive learning environment that makes learning entertaining and effective for students. The main objectives to be reached were (1) to create an algorithm to process daily dialogs and to provide smooth communication, (2) create a database that helps to answer questions related with basic physics concepts, (3) to implement mathematical operations ability that will be necessary for basic physics equations, (4) to implement the features of scientific calculator, (5) to create scenarios and related algorithms to detect students misconceptions in basic physics concepts, (6) to implement ability to remember details of the user and their conversations and providing right content at next time they interact with the tool (such as face and voice recognition), (7) to implement ability to enrich conversations with multimedia (such as instructional videos, sounds, and graphs), and (8) to have an intelligent tutoring system to answer students questions and guide them to the right resources by using natural language processing approaches. At the current phase the first three objectives were achieved and the development process are going on. The researchers will present detailed information on the process and will discuss its use with working examples. Index Terms´┐Ż Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Learning System, Physics, Mathematics.