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Determining Factors on Length of Stay for COVID-19 Patients

Understanding how the estimates of hospital length of stay (LOS) change over time is critical, as new pharmacological interventions and medical managements become available for COVID-19 patients. The ability to predict LOS will be crucial, as higher length is associated with cost and capacity utilization due to new variants of the virus that causes COVID-19. Understanding and forecasting hospital bed demand, as well as relevant personnel or equipment requirements, provides important evidence for decision-making and emergency planning. This study aims to determine the factors affecting LOS for COVID-19 patients considering the fact that these criteria may have different priorities with respect to the considered objective. According to the results obtained by considering expert evaluations, the most important factors are found to be the shortness of breath, and the need for nasal and high-flow oxygen. Keywords - Length of Stay, Multi-criteria Decision Making, Relation Analysis Method.