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The Evaluation of Effectivness of Online Marketing Tools Dmo�s (Destination Management Organization) Websites by Fuzzy Topsis Method

Nowadays it has become important and critical to have an effective websites for customer relationships and to reach wider market segment. Therefore, websites as one of the important tool affecting the competitiveness of destinations have facilitated the use of destination potentials. In recent years internet continues to change rapidly the ways to share knowledge before and during trave1l, and shopping channels to travel; therefore it has also been critical changes in the strong structure of the marketing system that related with tourism industry. The aim of paper is to rank websites (an important marketing tool for destinations) of destination management organizations according to their effectiveness by employing Fuzzy TOPSIS method. The websites of five destinations in the Mediterranean region was evaluated according to wealth of information, communication performance, transaction performance, relationship performance, technical merit performance criteria by four committee members. The triangular fuzzy numbers are used in evaluation. As a result of performed Fuzzy TOPSIS method the ranking is Spain (, Italy (, Turkey (, Portugal (, Greece ( respectively. Keywords: DMO (Destination Management Organization), DMO Website, Fuzzy Topsis.