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Design and Development of Cost Effective EMG Controlled Prosthetic Hand

This paper presents a design and development of cost effective EMG controlled single degree of freedom prosthetic hand. In countries like Pakistan where labor is inexpensive, most of the work in industries is done by labor and due to industrial accidents there are a large number of workers who get amputated each year. This demands a cost effective solution of prosthesis for amputated industrial workers as there buying power is weak. Importing these prosthetic devices costs a lot, which make them unaffordable and non-repairable. This paper discusses cost effective indigenous solution for EMG controlled single degree of freedom prosthetic hand which is comparable with state of the art products. Indigenous development of prosthetic hand will make it affordable. Hand can provide 114N gripping force, 1 sec opening/closing time, and mx opening of 120mm which are better than state of the art Ottobock and Steeper prosthetic hands. 320 grams weight of the hand is achieved by selecting optimal materials using stress simulation results. Simple and efficient design, fabricated locally ensures the cost effectiveness of the design. Hand is also installed on different patients using EMG control circuitry and they are using the hand in their daily routine. Keywords - Degree of Freedom (DOF), EMG (electromyography), Full depth teeth, Gear, Module, Pressure angle, Pinion, Stub teeth, Speed, Torque