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Getting Acquainted with Flipped Learning: Towards Crafting a Tutorial Video-Clip Making Assessment Tool

- Flipped Learning is becoming an innovative pedagogical path which is still in a developmental phase. Preparing teacher candidates for a flipped-learning-dominated educational landscape should be among the prioritiesof universities. To meet this end, a critical participatory action research, spanning into the fall term of the academic year 2020-2021, was conducted aiming at transforming a group of undergraduate students’ professional perceptions towards the conventional onsite schooling disposals. 45 3rd-grader English Language Teaching Department students were the participants of the study. Participants were required to create an instructional video clip as their final examination assignment. Some preliminary guidelines were drafted after examining a considerable body of research to provide a concise view on making tutorial video clips to be used in flipped learning environments. A proficiency-based “Instructional Video-Clip Making Assessment Rubric” was developed jointly(as a collaborative work of the researchers and the participants)and tested through the participant-created tutorial videos.The final-assisgnment video clips were examined and rated on the basis ofthe rubric. For the feedback stage, participants’ written account of personal experiences, in the video production process, were obtained via their written reflections. We found that the rubric both guided and encouraged partipants throughout their endeavors as first-timer instructional video makers. However, almost all the participants expressed their need in getting further professional training and support on instructional video production. Learning how to apply principles of producing digital media artefacts is a critical skill especiallywhen establishing Flipped Learning environments. The study is significant in developing awareness among educators towards the need to teach visual design, video clip and film production skills in teacher training programs at undergraduate level. The assessment rubric is also a good contribution to the field as a pioneering reference tool.