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Road Networks in the Achaemenid Empire

Caravan routes which were established across Achaemenid Empire, have been Darius the first's outstandingand dramatic action that itself was the most effective means to facilitate transportation, merchandise travelling and also establishing nationsclose to otherones. The territorial extentlike that of the Achaemenid which has been required fast and efficient message, army and commodity handling wereso important, therefore roads were extremely essential. Cyrus the great, Darius and sometimes Xerxes have been allocated large sums in establishing road networks, because of that major streams and roads were joined each other all around the monarchy. Kings, generals, businessmen, farmers for spending their life and affairs were depended on in that way. In fact, governing the vast territory of Achaemenid Empire required efficient communication between the Achaemenid central royal court and also state authorities. Theseadministrativeroutes were the roads of armyyet and helped to facilitate the movements of troops in order to bringsafety to the states. Caravans' traveling around the Empire also required the existenceand movements of the military escorts and guards to ensure the safety and health to get to the destinations. Most of these roads were not paved solely, but they were so smoothingwhich were appropriate for horses, chariots and also to travel on feet.First, this research has beenfocused onimportant army routes and somewhat economical ones; next, it will explainthe importance and applications of roads at the Achaemenid era and finally, the role of roads at that period of time will be analyzed. Keywordsó Achaemenid, Routes, Persepolis, Susa, Sardis andetc.