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Development of Test Automation with Distributed Systems

Nowadays quality assurance automation has many approaches to develop test automation. We can develop with using different frameworks, applications and programming languages. We can run automation tests in parallel and series mode. Many test automation developers do not know which approach to choose for their development. We are interested in developing test automation with distributed systems which run automation tests in parallel on multiple machines and multiple browsers. A key element of this work is the design of effective architecture with integration different applications that showing development of test automation with distributed systems. To distribute automation tests we used Selenium grid framework for running tests in multiple machines which containerized in Docker. All process we run with using maven in Jenkins Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) environment. In results we made development test automation with distributed systems that run in parallel automation tests which speed up testing and executed on different browsers and operating systems at the same time. Keywords - Quality Assurance Automation, Distributed Systems, Selenium Grid, Docker, Maven, Jenkins