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Local Policy Recommendations to Promote New Normal Pop-Culture Tourism: A Case Study of Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Royal Thai Government is pushing seriously on the cultural exports as statedon the 13thThai National Economic and Social Development Plan. Chiang Mai is popular destination forChinese tourists to trace theirfavorable movie namely, ‘Lost in Thailand’. Although, Chiang Mai is well-known for its pop-culture tourism, the local policy of pop-culture management is stillinvisible.Hence, this study aims to find the local policy recommendations to promote new normal Pop-culture tourism in Chiang Mai, Thailand.The qualitative research methodology was employed. Total 14 key informants from all pop-culture stakeholders were sampled, using a small group discussion. Content analysis was used to analyze all qualitative data. The results reveal that three approaches are significant including policy, public relation, and promotion. Keywords - Local Policy, Pop-Culture Tourism, Chiang Mai, Thailand