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Enhancing Performance in Business Organizations through Social Innovation; Socio-Construct Diversity Perspective

Business organizations in the twenty-first century are increasingly becoming complex due to socio-cultural dynamics in societies. A myriad of reasons account for this complexity, notably of them is globalization. Further, one of the subtle but potent elements driving the ever-changing texture of business management is the diversity within the society and can be effective through social innovation. In advancing the argument, this paper aligned performance and three elements (demographic, organizational and socio-cognitive diversities) of socio- construct diversity framework coupled with an in-depth literature review to highlight the need for social innovation in business management. To this end, this paper argues that the socio-construct diversity found within business organizations has a significant bearing on performance and, therefore, must be integrated into management strategies. Keywords - Performance, Business Management, Social Innovation, Diversity, Inclusion, Social -Construct.