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Ann Based Controller With A New Variable Frequency For The Amended Cascaded Inverter

This study described the results of combining two MPUC inverters to construct a cascaded MPUC network. With only 12 switching combinations, this achieved inverter can create up to 49 levels. The voltages of two MPUCs are adjusted such that each auxiliary source has one-third of the voltage level of the primary source and the primary source voltage level of the MPUC is one-seventh of the value of the DC voltage of the auxiliary unit. Different types of DC voltage ratios can result in different voltage levels, however, only 49 levels can be obtained, which is what is employed in this study. The converter and its control are simulated in MATLAB/Simulink, and the result is validated on the experimental setup. Keywords - Selective Harmonic Elimination, Total Harmonic Distortion, Modified Packed U-cell inverter, Artificial Neural Network