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The Concentration of Suspended Dust in The QASR Ahmed Industrial Area - Misurata City, Northwest Libya

The Libyan Iron and Steel (LISCO) Company is the largest industrial facilities in the Misurata city that emit gaseous and particulate effecting negatively on human health and the environmental ecosystem. This paper presents results of investigations the concentration of dust and respiratory particles in the ambient air of area outside and inside the vicinity of the Libyan Iron and Steel Company, focusing mainly on the area outside the company by 8 km from company in all directions. The results showed that the dust and respiratory particles are the biggest environmental problem in the study area, due to high concentrations of dust which found in ambient air of the study area, and a noticeable rise of respiratory particles was recorded in the area. Keywords - Dust, PM2.5, PM10, Air pollution, Misurata, Libyan Iron and Steel Company