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The Potential of using Natural Materials in Iraq in Producing Sustainable Buildings

This paper uses a descriptive analytical method to clarify the great potentials of the actual existing natural resources in Iraq to be an important source in manufacturing of a new type of sustainable building materials via friendly production methods. For contemporary architecture in its current form needs the application of new principles or reuses the old ones that have been used in traditional architecture and have proven their success over time in providing an economical sustainable architecture. So that kind of architecture can be the source of inspiration to our new sustainable architecture in providing solutions to address world environmental problems, and achieve sustainability in the built environment. One of these principles is using the same affordable natural materials that have been used in our ancestor's traditional architecture, but in a new way. For it's important in creating a sustainable built environment. What helps in this matter is the wide diversity of natural environmental friendly materials and their multiplicity physical characteristics, as well as these materials are easy to use, abundant in nature which makes obtaining and using them is within low costs. That makes them ideal for usage inside and outside building. Hence emergence the research problem related to the shortage of local clarity about the possibilities and the advantages of re using the available natural materials in Iraq as raw industrial source in production sustainable building materials. Research hyposthesis supposes that by using natural banded material in Iraq will lead to new kind of Iraqi sustainable built environment and strengthen its cultural identity in healthier cities. Keywords - Building Material, Palm Tree, Reed, Sustainable Material, Wood Plastic Composite.