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Impact of Stress on Productivity of Employees

Stress is viewed as chief dynamic leading to different ailments because of substantial pressure at offices. According to (Dean, 2002) ailments that are caused by stress are key basis of stumpy productivity at place of work. The basic purpose of this study was to explore the impact of stress on productivity of employees at telecom sector (Mobilink). Applied research was used in order to carry out this study as the main schema was to explore and shed light on impact of stress on productivity of employees in an organization. Hence, it aided to illuminate descriptive information on impact of stress on employee’s productivity at Mobilink. Sample comprising 99 individuals employed at Mobilink was used. The instrument in form of questionnaire was used and in order to measure the relationship and strength of these variables SPSS (version 17.0) was used. Descriptive analysis is also offered to bestow graspable analysis of the study. Questionnaires were designed and circulated among individuals. It is very obvious from results that employees of Mobilink suffer from diverse class of stressors and the stressors utilized in this research were role demand, work environment and interpersonal demand .The study also verified that stress and productivity are negatively linked. Keywords - Productivity, Stress, Performance