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Keyboard Design Approach Based on Word Analysis For the Right-Handed

Along with the availability of the computers worldwide, new generations are introduced to computer even before the school age. Typing is one of the important aspects of computer knowledge. Time and workforce loss are brought about when the delays in the transition period between the keys are considered. Each language has its own letter and word structures. This makes different keyboard designs for different languages by taking into account the needs of every language. Moreover in the design process, it is important to pay special attention to which hands people are using while keyboarding. This study focused on the language-specific ergonomic keyboard design. A new keyboard allowing to write faster was designed for those using their right hands with a developed word analysis algorithm which analyzes the ratio of usage and consecutive letters in frequently used words. For the keyboards, English, a common language, was selected and letter analysis was conducted on nearly 96000 frequently used English words. A new ergonomic keyboard, SpeedyKEYs, was designed based on the frequency analysis. Index Termsó English keyboard, English word analysis, ergonomics, keyboard design specific to language, SpeedyKEYs.