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How can the Boardroom Stay Agile and Make Effective Company Decisions of (New) “Cyber” Business Risks

We are in a world of a digital transformation. The old way of shopping disappears, cities are changing, business buildings become obsolete, less business and tourist travel by plane and online transactions are increasing rapidly. At this moment we are in a worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 and supply chain failures, the digital way of live is the new normal for companies to be and stay successful. Covid-19 gives a boost for online services. Online is the new standard for companies to do business and the new way for employees to do their work. Companies are working more from home and have online sessions with their customers and colleagues. We are changing from less physical contact to more digital contact. New business opportunities are on the rise and a lot of efficiency can be realized by handling all transactions more digitality. There is also a change in the company’s workforce, from Baby boomers leaving companies, generation X and Y running companies and Generation Z entering the workforce. Digitalization is the future for doing business and adopting new cultures and facilitating the work in an agile way. This is not only what your customers expects, but should also the de-facto standard for doing business. Keywords - Risk Quantitively Monte Carlo Cyber Vulnerability Reporting Prioritizing Business Cost Threat Agile DevSecOps NIST ISO FAIR