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Investigating the Climate Adaptive Public Open Spaces - Case Study: Wellington

Throughout recent decades, cities across the world are facing large and costly effects of climate change. Cities around the world have been urged to recalibrate urban development to incorporate more holistic and climate adaptive solutions. One of the adaptive capacities of cities is related to the open public spaces like streets, plazas and urban parks. These open public spaces are making up large areas of urban land. However, their physical design and planning have not yet been adjusted to reduce climate change and other environmental risks. This study aims to rethink the qualities of public spaces by reviewing literature and investigating the relationship between climate adaptive urbanism and the qualities of public open spaces. The Golden Mile project in Wellington, New Zealand is then being analyzed with regard to the climate adaptive open spaces. The results of this study will inform urban designers and landscape architects to incorporate the climate adaptive issues in designing public open spaces. Keywords - Climate Adaptive Urbanism, Public Open Spaces, Wellington, Golden Mile