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A Preliminary Survey On The Fish Fauna Of River Taraba At Bali Town, Taraba State Nigeria

A preliminary survey on the fish fauna of River Taraba at Bali town was carried out between July and October, 2019. A total of 733 fishes, comprising 15 species, 15 genera and 11 families were collected using different fishing gears with their English and local names recorded. The family Cichlidae dominated the catches by number (185) and percentage abundance (25.24%); Tilapia zilli was the most dominant fish species with the total value of 126 and 17.19% in terms of number and percentage abundance respectively while Malapterurus electricus was the least (9, 1.23%). Monthly abundance of fishes caught was higher in October (231) and lower in July (134). However, there is significant difference in the abundance of fish species in the sampling months (P<0.05). The present study reveals that River Taraba at the midstream of Bali town is fairly rich with fishery recourses when compared with other freshwater bodies in the country. There is need to protect and preserve its fish fauna for a sustainable conservation and management. Keywords - Abundance, Bali town, Fish fauna, Species