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Mitigating Supply Chain Risks with Industry 4.0 Technologies

Supply chain of a company is impacted with multiple risks such as supply risks, demand risk, technological risk, transportation risk and safety and security risk etc. Industry 4.0 technologies can be employed in mitigating such risks and improving supply chain key performance objectives. In this study, impact of Industry 4.0 on controlling various supply chain risks is studied. Experts evaluate how a particular industry 4.0 technology can help in mitigating a particular supply chain risk. The inputs are taken in linguistic terms and converted into their numerical equivalent using fuzzy set theory. The importance of a technology in controlling risks can be quantified using this approach. This can be useful in prioritizing company’s efforts in incorporating Industry 4.0 technologies in their workflow. Keywords - Industry 4.0, Supply Chain Risks, Risk Mitigation Strategies, Linguistic Inputs